Fun Pe Activities for Kids- Boost Your Kids Day

Physical education is a very important part of the daily life of a kid. PE activities boost the kid’s health and keep them active during the school year.
PE activities can easily teach the kids the enjoyment and fun attached to the games.
Here is a list of fun activities that any kid would enjoy playing.

1. Balloon soccer

Each kid is given a colorful balloon for a variation of soccer. By using his head, knees, and feet, the kid has to maneuver the balloon through the obstacle. Each child must count the number of times his balloon is maneuvered before it touches the ground.

2. A twist on the follow-up leader

Bring all the kids in a line against a wall for the opposite game. The objective is pretty simple and fun. The kids must do everything opposite as to what their leader says. The kids have to get to the other side of the room without making any mistake. If any mistake is made, all the kids have to start from the beginning.

3. Hoop it up

Split the kids into groups as with each group 20 kid. Each group makes a circle and a hoop is given to them. They have to hold hands and place the hood over two kid’s arms. All the other kid has to step through the hoop without dropping hands and the first group that manages to get the hood back to the start position wins the game.

4. A twist on tag

The kids are divided equally into two groups and each group is given two minutes to hide their flag on their field. The purpose is getting the opposite teams flag from rival field to their own field safely without getting tagged. If any kid gets tagged, he is eliminated from the game and the first team to get the flag and bring it back to their field wins the game.